About StMichaels

Photographers today can learn much from the famous photographers that have paved the way before us.  Most of these photographers are now deceased, but a few of them are still taking beautiful photos today.

Photography is one of the most accessible forms of art. Even without special training or a vast knowledge of the technical details involved, one can pick up a camera and make a photograph. And like all other forms of art, photography allows for a great deal of variance in method and subject matter. These artists use unique tools and subjects to create compelling artistic images.

Not all photographers are interested in using the latest and greatest photographic equipment. Some, in fact, are happier using one of the lowest-tech cameras they can find. A Holga camera is a small, inexpensive medium-format camera produces images that are grainy, slightly distorted, and feature significant vignetting around the edges. These characteristics are used by creative photographers who appreciate the unique look that the camera’s flaws give the photographs.

At StMichaels our goal is to inspire and motivate people through the images of photography.